Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Getting an early start on Halloween:

I had an idea the other day for Hannah's Halloween costume. I know that it is still about four week away but I didn't want to leave it until last minute and then have nothing for her to wear. I had been looking at Wal-Mart for a nice costume but my choices were a pink leopard or a spider??? Anyway, I was looking at some sunflowers at our friends house and came up with this.

It is not finished yet but I had to take a picture of her cause she looked soooo cute!

When it is all done she will have a green outfit on with some green leaves attached somehow?

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Angie said...

That is going to be so cute!! I can't wait to see the final pictures. You are a smart woman for starting early....I always put it off until there is nothing left.

It was great to see you at the wedding. Hopefully we will get to see you again soon!!