Monday, October 6, 2008

Phil's Skills:

Ok, I must take a minute to explain this video before you watch it. Phil told me of this great talent before we got married but it wasn't until a few years into our marriage that I actually saw it. The BURP! I am so proud that this is my man. He has many talents but this one is...well, his most unique. It still makes me laugh every time he does this. I will apologize now to the mothers whose sons might see this because every boy wants to be like PHIL after seeing him do this!


Angie said...

That so took me back the high school youth group!! Thanks for the laugh.

Heather said...

THAT WAS GREAT!!!!!My Johnny did say that he was gonna have to give that a try too.

aaronandeva said...

That was so great... The boys are laughing hysterically and sayin "play it again" "play it again" "play it again" play it again".... So needless to say, I am now tired of watching it, but I am still very proud of my bro-in-law for his endurance. Love ya!