Sunday, May 10, 2009

Thankful on Mother's Day!

I was in the doctors office for my 23 week visit and looking at my second baby on the Ultrasound. I told the doctor that I could not believe that I was over half way through my second pregnancy! We waited so long (9 years) for our first blessing and now I have a second one on the way.

The second thing I am thankful for... A few weeks ago we took Hannah to the doctor for a strange little noise that I could hear when I put my ear on her head. They told us that she would need to be sent to Wenatchee for an MRI/MRA of her brain.They said she might have an AV Malformation in her brian. They really could not tell us much more about an AVM then that. I made the mistake and looked it up online and could not relax for the next 3 weeks, until her appointment.

We took her down to Wenatchee on the 27th of April and that turned out to be a very long day for us and Hannah. She had to be put under for over 4 hours and they tried to get an IV over 17 times. After 7 hours, losing 1/3 of her hair for the IV to be put in her head, and lots of tears from Hannah and Mommy, we were on our way back home.

Thank the Lord everything looked fine on the MRI...we still don't know what that sound is but the doctor said that we should not worry about it because everything in her brain looked normal and healthy.

I really went through some trust issues with God. I spent a few nights crying and telling him that I really wanted to trust him in all of this but because of losing Flora it was really hard to cry out (again) and feel like this time my prayer would be answered. One night Hannah had a fever (totally unrelated) and Phil went to the store for meds. On his way back home he felt like the Lord told him that this whole thing was meant to encourage our faith and NOT to discourage it. The Lord is good and faithful and knew exactly what I needed as a mom to have peace and to trust Him.

This is a picture of Hannah in her little hospital gown before everything.

This is her after she woke up and her little face was all puffy.

By the next day Hannah was just fine and I am glad for her sake that she doesn't realize she is missing so much hair. I guess I will have to wait a little longer for those little pigtails. A small price to pay.

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Heather said...

God is good...I am glad Hannah is fine, I am sorry you had to go through all that. How are you feeling now?