Monday, June 29, 2009

The Mighty Building Man:

We moved into our house a year ago this August and we bought it with the plans of adding another bedroom and bathroom. We thought that we would have been done by now but at least we are making progress. When I say we, I really mean he, the Might Building Man. If Phil had his way this is what he would do for a living. He loves construction and the tools but he did not like the lay-offs every time it got slow, and the pay. Anyway, He really wanted to build a house when we sold ours last summer but I didn't want to do that at all!!!! So this is our middle road. I have a house to live in and he has a project to work on. Plus by doing it himself he gets to buy a lot of new tools.
This is what Phil has been doing in his free time. Here is a picture of our little house before all of the digging and hammering started.

Our friend George came over and started the whole thing last fall.

The Might Building Man.

Just finishing up the floors.

This is what Hannah was doing while I was taking the last picture. Watching her Mooo-Meee.

Her movie :)

These last four pictures were taken last night. Phil got the first wall framed and our friend, Ben, who lives about a mile away, came over to help Phil put up the first of the walls. Thank you Ben for helping even though you were sick!

I will post more pictures to keep you updated on our building project as we go.


Angie said...

How fun!! I had no idea that Phil liked to do that kind of stuff. That's pretty handy for you huh? I haven't seen Ben in seeing pictures of him.

Becky said...

I love before and afters. I can't wait to watch how it turns out. You sure live in a BEAUTIFUL place! I love the scenery.

BRiehl said...

Oh I'm so glad you commented on my page! Our computer crashed and all the "favorites" went with it. I haven't updated blogs I read on my blog, so I lost about a dozen blog addresses! Looks like you guys are busy! How are you feeling this late in the game?