Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hannah and Daddy moving sprinklers:

I could not resist taking a picture of my little girl following her daddy around the back yard. Phil was moving the sprinklers and she went with him every where he went.
You can't see really clear but you can get a feel for how tiny she looks out in the big back hard.

After working with daddy in the yard she came back to the house to tell me all about it. I had to take more pictures. Just a few pictures of Hannah.

Her funny expression. I am not sure if this is a smile or try and make me smile face?

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BRiehl said...

Oh she is just precious! How funny! We are 30 weeks tomorrow and our daughter, Raegan, will be 18 months on the 27th. I gasped when I read your comments, I was so excited for a blog friend in the exact same boat:) Do you know what you're having?