Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Children See, Children Do.

About 2 years ago we had a bunch of friends over for American Idol and games. Our friend Tiffany was nursing her daughter, Hadlee, at the time. Every time she would sit down to feed her baby she would notice that she had some little eyes watching her. Mackenzie, about 2 years old, was fascinated by the whole thing. We forgot all about it and started playing our game and someone said " you need to come and see what Mackenzie is doing!". There she was sitting in a chair with her doll...yes nursing! With a far off look on her face. She had a bunch of people looking at her but she was taking care of her baby and didn't seem to mind the audience.

I think it is so funny how she has her hand up her shirt!


Angie said...

Shiloh!! I didn't know you were blogging and I'm so excited that you are. Your little Hannah is so cute!!

It was great seeing you in May, hopefully we can see eash other again soon.

Do I know this little Mackenzie's mom? She's a cutie too.

Talk to you soon!

Shiloh said...

Yes, you do know her, her mommy is Dianna:)